In-House Training

English World has specialised in providing in-house generic or tailored skills-based language training programs for groups in Amritsar City.

The key to any program is a clear understanding of the language needs and competencies of the target group, an understanding of the group’s objectives for conducting the training and then creating a program that is relevant and applicable to their daily work.

Therefore, participants can apply what they learn immediately and they get an immediate return on their investment.

Our service includes:

  • Bench-marking the target staff
  • Assessing the group’s training needs and objectives.
  • Designing tailored course and workshop materials specifically for the target group.
  • Conducting in-house sessions using an interactive and participant-centred approach
  • using the PPP methodology: Presentation, Practice, Perfection
  • Evaluating the progress of each member of the group throughout the course; and
  • Providing post-course follow-up.