Personality Development

A mirror which shows your inside qualities

I was not happy with my life. I used to think that everything was going wrong in my personnel as well as professional life. I was not able to express my views or ideas effectively. I was losing my confidence and started believing that i will never be successful in life. Then one day i found English World’s Personality Development and Grooming Classes on the internet. I thought, can this course really teach me how to be successful and enhance my Self-Esteem. And it was the turning point in my life. When i joined this course in December 2009, In the very first class Mr Vikram Khanna showed me a mirror in which i show my real strengths and negative points. I was able to see that i had many negative habits that were a wall between me and success. This course helped t show me my better side and how to overcome my fears. I would like to go on records and state that this course is a remedy for our inhibitions which we face in our day to day life. It brings out the leader in you who is emotionally and mentally mature and has a balanced temperament. You will have full control on your patience and garner high tolerance over your frustrations. It teaches you to anticipate the problems well in advance and enhances creative thinking to overcome them. I will always be grateful to Mr. Vikram Khanna for his wonderful work that is helping many like me to build the base for a successful life. By prem – 18 Feb 2010