Golden Tips to Crack IELTS

1. LISTENING :  Listen to BBC news to enhance grasping of British accent . It will not only improve bands in listening module , but also hone speaking english with accurate pronunciation. One can easily become eloquent by listening to BBC News  daily .

2. READING : Read english newspaper daily to get the maximum benefit of reading . Read 2-3 articles and cut them out of paper and paste on your notebook. Read these articles repeatedly and see the result. It will not only improve your word power but also give you best knowledge about various common topics. Wonderful results can be expected in writing module as well.

3. WRITING : To score high in writing module you must write two essay and get them checked from professional. Make your structure very simple but use the range of sentences from simple to complex. In other words, your writing essay must have the mixture of simple, compound and complex sentences. Use newspaper trick mentioned above to enhance your vocab power.

4. SPEAKING : To score high in speaking you need to master expressive speaking. Those who speak like this are called eloquent. For this you can learn “word stress” . For example, “PHOtographer” in this word, if you put stress on “PHO” , your pronunciation sounds bad and inappropriate but if you put stress on phoTOGrapher ( “TOG” ) then you can speak like native speaker of Britain.

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