Simple tips to crack PTE

#1. Listening tips (a)

Tips for beep sound questions (MCQ’s) :Don’t read the options. Just listen to the script carefully and understand the content. After the speaker stops, then read the options and match the answer with the idea you perceived. You can also listen to script with your eyes closed .

Tips for missing word :This section also assesses your spellings. Some words which are missing on screen based on spellings accuracy. For example: if the speaker speaks “vacuum” and you type “vaccum” you lose the grades .

Tips for Highlight the Correct Words : In this section , speaker speaks the incorrect words and you need to notice the word on screen . To get maximum result in this category , you need to concentrate on each and every word displayed on screen . Try to maintain the pace of your reading with speed of speaker speaking the content.  If you manage to match the both , you will notice 5 or 6 words in the whole passage different from the speaker’s speech. You need to click on the words as soon as you find them spoken differently.

# 2. Reading tips (a)

Tips for multiple choice questions (choose single answer) :

Before reading the text note the keywords given in the prompt : A prompt can be given in either form , a question or a sentence that you will have to complete . You need to read the prompt thoroughly as it will tell you what sort of information you require to search in the text. Moreover, focusing om key words  will help in finding the answer more quickly and it will also save your time. Even deduction method can be applied in which words are matched but the ideas differ.

Evaluate the response options : In PTE test, the response options may be given in any form be it words, phrases or sentences. Decide rationally whether any of the given options is likely to be correct or unlikely to be correct. This can be done before or after reading the text. Even after going through the text if you are not able to figure out the answer then select the option which you think has the highest probability of being correct. This strategy is also applicable for the questions having more than one correct answer.

Tips for multiple choice questions (choose multiple answers) :

Know the task scoring criteria : Go through the instructions carefully and keep in mind that more than one option is correct. You will score marks for correct option but score would be deducted for any incorrect answer. You will lose points for clicking on the wrong answers and for not clicking the answers that are correct. If you cannot figure out the answer and select all the options, you will lose score points.

Observe the words that are repeated in the options : Note the repeated words given in the response options, especially nouns (e.g., ‘schools’) or adjectives (e.g., ‘multigrade’ ). If the same noun phrase is repeated then probability is there that answer would be related to this phrase only.